What are the entry requirements for Switzerland and where can you find the relevant information? SwissCommunity provides an overview.

Before you start your journey, you should check the current travel regulations and make sure that you have all the requirements for entering and staying in Switzerland. The regulations can change quickly according to the pandemic situation.

Current entry requirements for Switzerland (as of 30 June 2021): On 23 June 2021, the latest adjustment of regulations was decided by the Federal Council: Restrictions for the entry into Switzerland will be relaxed for people from the Schengen area.
  • For entries from the Schengen area, there will be no longer a quarantine requirement.
  • The testing requirement now only applies to travellers by plane who have not recovered within the past 6 months or have been vaccinated.
  • For third-country nationals who can prove that they have been vaccinated, the existing restrictions on entry will be eased. Entry from the USA and other countries is possible again.
  • The previous risk list will be reduced to areas where virus variants of concern to Switzerland occur.
  • People entering the country from areas with virus variants of concern must present a negative test and are required to quarantine after entering the country. This does not apply to people who have recovered or have received a vaccination with sufficient protection.


Below, you find a general overview of the most important points that you should already consider when planning your trip. Further links will take you to official websites where you can find information for your individual situation.


Before departure:

Check which entry requirements apply to your mode of transport. The requirements may differ for air and road travel. What do you need to enter? Depending on your country of residence and travel route, there are obligatory documents that you must provide or fill out upon entry.

Take the Travelcheck: With just a few questions you can clarify which regulations currently apply to your travel route


Check whether your area of origin is classified as an area with a virus variant of concern. There is a legal obligation to quarantine persons entering the country from such areas. If you are subject to such a quarantine, organise your accommodation and supplies in advance.

On the website of the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH you will find regularly updated and further information on entry, quarantine regulations and what other measures may apply to you.

Here you will find the FOPH's current list of countries with virus variants of concern.


Find out about PCR tests and consider intermediate stops. You may have to show a negative test at the borders when passing through different countries. Also check whether you are required to take further tests at stopovers and what the costs will be.


For vaccinated persons: Clarify whether the vaccine used on you is approved in Switzerland. Vaccines approved in the European Union (EU) are also recognised in Switzerland.

You can find up-to-date information on vaccines on the website of the European Commission. 

The list of authorised vaccines is also available in English from the European Medicines Agency. 

For more detailed information regarding your entry and the authorisation of individual vaccines in Switzerland, we recommend that you consult the FOPH's Infoline for people travelling to switzerland (6 am to 11 pm): Phone +41 58 464 44 88.

Depending on the canton of stay, a Covid certificate can be applied for, provided that a recognised vaccine has been administered.

You can read general information about the Covid certificate on the FOPH website.

For specific information, please also consult the respective cantonal websites.


Before your return journey:

Find out the regulations for your return journey. To do this, you can again refer to the questions and aspects mentioned above. How are you travelling, where are you stopping and what regulations apply? Also find out from the authorities in your country of residence about possible entry regulations and keep an eye on the pandemic regulations.

Also clarify whether you have to quarantine after your return home (hotel or at home?) and prepare everything you need.

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